Have you been struggling with your goals? Learn the top five reasons people struggle with their goals, and how you can overcome them in simple steps.

5 Reasons You Are Struggling With Your Goals

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Are you feeling frustrated by your goals? You set them and you take action, yet you are still constantly struggling with your goals.

Goal setting is a lot more serious than we give it credit for. Usually, the reason something is a goal is that we have to try really hard to achieve that action or result. Goals force us to step outside of our comfort zones and develop new habits. Goals aren’t supposed to be easy to achieve, otherwise, you would never have had to set the goal in the first place.

So why do you keep failing to achieve the goals you set? There are numerous reasons, and some, if not all of these reasons may apply to you!

Learn 5 reasons you may be struggling with your goals so that you can learn how to manage them to set yourself up for better success!

1. You Don’t Have an Action Plan in Place

Whenever I talk to someone about their goals, one of the first things I ask them about is their plan. The initial response to this question is usually an eye roll, and hey, I get it! Planning is not exactly the most fun thing in the world. However, it is one hundred percent necessary when you are working towards a new goal!

But what should you plan?

This depends on the type of goal you have set as they are all different. But a good rule of thumb is to start by breaking up the different things you already know you will need to do.

From this, you can further break everything up into mini-tasks, and schedule those mini-tasks. Be intentional about the plan you make, and in what order you accomplish your tasks in.

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2. You Didn’t Plan for Roadblocks

It is inevitable, you are going to hit roadblocks in your journey. If you didn’t, you would never give up on your goals because everything would be easy!

Roadblocks are the challenges that make us doubt our ability to continue. They are the things we may not have expected. Some examples could be;

  • A loss of motivation
  • An unforeseen circumstance that takes you off course
  • Technical difficulties
  • A holiday
  • External influences
  • Habits

The list is endless. And not planning for these roadblocks could be playing a big role in why you have a tough time accomplishing your goals.

Whenever you set yourself a new goal, you should be trying to predict some of the roadblocks you will run into. This can be based on past experiences with a similar goal, or just knowing where or with what you struggle.

Then, come up with a plan for how you will overcome these obstacles! You will never be able to do this in the moment of a roadblock, so it is best to plan it out ahead of time.

3. It Wasn’t the Right Goal for You

Take a moment and answer these questions.

  1. Did you come up with this goal on your own, or did someone convince you that you need to do this?
  2. Does this goal make you excited?

If you said no to either of these questions, then the goal just wasn’t right for you.

One of the main ingredients to a successful goal recipe is determination, excitement, and a sense of eagerness.

If any of these are missing, that is an internal issue and would make it very hard to accomplish the goal. You either need to re-work the goal to something that makes you experience those feelings and emotions, or you need to consider putting it on the back burner for the time being until you can readjust the goal.

Be intentional about the goals you set for yourself!

4. You Got Stuck in The Passive Action Phase

Have you ever heard of Passive Action and Massive Action?

Passive action is where you spend time-consuming material or information regarding the goal you have set. Whether this is reading a book, taking a course, or doing online research, this is known as passive action.

Massive action is where you take everything you have learned, and you begin to take massive action. This is doing the actual things you need to do to accomplish the goals!

You cannot have one without the other, but sometimes, it is easy to get stuck in the massive action phase. This phase is much easier, and it is very easy to get comfortable in this phase of your goal. Moving into massive action means moving to something that is going to feel uncomfortable, so it is normal to want to avoid it. But this will ultimately result in you never actually accomplishing your goal.

You need to do passive action, but once complete, you need to move into the massive action phase!

Want to learn more about massive action? Check out Brooke Castillo’s Podcast episode here!

5. Perfectionism

If you are a perfectionist, this is something you will struggle with and may hinder the results of your goal.

Life is not perfect, and if you spend your time trying to make everything perfect, you will never move forward. You will spin your wheels and end up in the same place you were yesterday, or six months ago.

Whenever you step outside of your comfort zone or try something new, you need to get comfortable producing B- work.

Because the thing is, you will not be good at everything the first time you try it. All skills need to be developed, and the best way to develop these skills is by doing them again and again.

You will never get to do something a second time if you spend all your time trying to make it perfect the first time. You will burn yourself out, and ultimately give up.

Do the thing, and then move on! Don’t obsess.

A Final Note!

Did any of these jump out at you while you were reading through?

If any, or even all these things stood out to you while you were reading through, that is a good thing! That means you have identified some potential problems with your goal setting, and now you can act to correct them!

Once corrected, you will be all that much more likely to actually accomplish your goals!

Take a moment to share in the comments below which of these five things you struggle with. Then, be sure to read some of the other comments! Take comfort knowing that you are not the only one struggling to accomplish your goals.

For anyone curious, my main struggle points are;

  • Not planning for the roadblocks
  • Perfectionism
Setting goals is easy! Accomplishing them is the hard part! Discover 5 reasons you may not be achieving your goals!

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