April Bullet Journal Plan With Me 2021

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I can’t believe this, but we are already a quarter of the way through the year! Where has the time gone!? I always love the start of a new quarter. They feel like the new year to me, a time to set new goals and plans, and this quarter is no different!

In this post, I am going to be showing you how I am planning for the month of April 2021 in my Bullet Journal, but I also hope this post will give you some insight into how I am currently planning my 90 day goals!

My April Bullet Journal Theme

This month, I wasn’t feeling incredibly inspired to do anything fancy, but I still wanted to do something small! I actually ended up using a quote as my theme which I have never done before, but this quote is really lighting me up inside and inspiring me to take action towards my goals.

April showers bring May flowers!

Yes, my quote is basically about rain. But, it is more then that to me right now.

Right now, I am on this journey of self development, growth, and building my business, and I am trying to be really intentional about enjoying the journey as much as the end result.

In May, we love the flowers that start to bloom, but we often complain about the rain that is required for those flowers to bloom.

Well, this year, I am saying bring it on. Bring on the rain. Because once it stops raining, there are going to be some amazing flowers to look at and enjoy.

I know that sounds kind of corny, but I am okay with that! Sometimes inspiration comes from the corniest of things!

My April Monthly Layout

On my monthly April Bullet Journal layout, I have included space for my events, appointments, and my monthly goal action plan!

This month, I decided to do a dashboard layout again. I tend to switch it up a lot between my dashboard and my calendar layout. There is rarely any rhyme or reason, it is just whatever I feel like doing at the time.

On the left side of my layout, I have left room for all my appointments, events, etc. This is my catch-all area for my personal stuff.

On the right side of my layout, you will see I have a section for my goal action plan. I am really excited to try this as I have never broken down my action plan on my monthly layout before, (I will talk more about this in the goal setting section of this post).

And of course, I have included my quote for the month along with some doodles that go with the quote!

My April Journal Layout

Journaling everyday is something I really like to do, and so I make an entire layout dedicated to journaling each month. This is my layout for April.

This layout is one I have been using consistently for quite a while, and I have absolutely been loving it! I keep it really simple with two lines a day, but I use specific journal prompts to help me discover how I am truly feeling internally.

This month, I am using these journaling prompts:

  1. What is going really well for me right now?
  2. Did I take actions today that align with my values and priorities?
  3. What could be going better?
  4. How did I work on my goals today?
  5. What am I grateful for today?

If you like any of these prompts, please feel free to use them yourself too!

My April Habit Stack

In my April Bullet Journal, I am trying my habit stacking layout again! This is based on the book written by S.J Scott about habit stacking.

This layout is something I started using in January 2021 after reading the book, Habit Stacking by S.J Scott. This book changed how I look at and approach my habits.

I have created 5 habit stacks that essentially make up my day right now, kind of like a daily routine! Each day, I carry my journal around with me working through each habit stack. This has boosted my productivity ten fold, and has helped me get really intentional with the time that I have.

As an example, I have included my early morning habit stack here:

  • Dress for exercise
  • Drink water
  • Morning physiology
  • Make tea
  • Check emails
  • Review goals
  • Schedule your day
  • Work on business tasks
  • Get ready for the day
  • Breakfast

This habit stack goes from 6 am to 9 am, and really helps me to have an accomplished morning.

If you want to learn more about habit stacking, I highly recommend reading the book by S.J Scott. It is a really different approach to habits that I personally found to be simple to understand, easy to plan, and a great implementation strategy so that you actually follow it!

My April Meal Tracker Layout

My meal log layout for April is a very simple layout with a quote! On this layout, I will log my meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

One of my big goals right now is to eat at least one healthy meal per day, which is something I have really struggled to stay consistent with in the past.

I have had similar goals before, and I found I would do so well one day, and then I would fall off the wagon again.

When I decided to set this goal for myself again, I knew I wanted to try and find a way to use my Bullet Journal to hold me accountable to my goal. While I still have days when I don’t eat as healthy as I would like, just knowing I have to write this in my Bullet Journal at the end of the day has been a complete game changer!

Tip: If you are struggling with your goals, try to find creative ways that you can use your Bullet Journal to hold yourself accountable!

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My April Affirmations Layout

Affirmations are something new that I am trying, and I created an entire Bullet Journal layout for April to use!

I am so excited to chat about this layout since it is a brand new layout for me!

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I am on a big personal development journey right now, and I have been reading books and listening to podcasts that talk about the power behind affirmations.

Now, this is nothing new to me. I have heard this advise several times before, but I have always dismissed the idea.

Well, this month, I am going to give affirmations my best effort!

A few months ago, I started reviewing my goals daily by reading them out loud. I don’t remember where I got the idea, but the premise behind it was simple – say your goals out loud until they become a part of you. Doing this has really helped me stay mindful of my goals, and I made some really great progress in March!

So, I thought that maybe it was time to give affirmations a try!

I am researching some affirmations for different areas of my life, and then I will fill in this layout of the affirmations I want to say each day. I am really eager to see how this goes!

How I Am Planning My April Goals

My Bullet Journal has become my best goal setting tool, and so I thought I would take a moment in this blog post to share how I am using my monthly layouts to help me with my big goals!

If you want to use your Bullet Journal to help you with your goals, then I definitely recommend you read this!

My 90 Day Goal Setting Technique

This year, I am using an entirely new 90-day goal setting technique, and after seeing great results from it in the first quarter, I am so excited to share more details with you!

I like to call my 90 day goal setting strategy the “Big 3, Small 3 Goal Framework”.

The first step is to set three big goals you want to focus on over the next 90 days. These goals can be absolutely anything, but they do need to be realistic to what you can achieve in 90 days!

Next, you break your three big goals into 3 small goals. Your small goals are going to be what you will focus on over the next 30 days.

So, for example, if your goal is to lose 15 pounds over the next 90 days, then perhaps your 30 day goal would be to lose 5 pounds.

The next step is to break your goal down into an action plan, which is what you will follow through the month to help you achieve your goals!

How I Am Planning My April Action Plan In My Bullet Journal

On my monthly April Bullet Journal layout, I have included space for my events, appointments, and my monthly goal action plan!

On my monthly layout, I have saved the entire right page for my action plans for April.

I ultimately decided to leave this space blank so that I could plan how I wanted to when the time actually came for me to sit down and plan out my goals.

Once I know what my small 3 are for the month, I will use this space to plan out:

  • what I need to do to accomplish this goal (the action steps I will need to take)
  • the things I will need help with to accomplish this goals (this could include delegating certain tasks, or simply asking for support and accountability)
  • what I will need to learn to accomplish this goal (books I need to read or courses I need to take)

Having all of these things planned out in advance will help me to succeed with my goals in April!

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Final Thoughts

I hope that this blog post has helped you get ideas and inspiration for things you can try in your own Bullet Journal.

Before you go, I want to take a brief moment to highlight how many new things I am trying in my Bullet Journal this month. I am trying:

  • a new monthly layout that includes my action plans for my goals
  • a new daily routine
  • affirmations

The reason I want to point this out is because Bullet Journaling is a journey. What you need this month might not be what you need next month, and that is what makes the Bullet Journal such an amazing tool to use! You can customize it to suit your individual needs, and each month, you can learn and grow like never before!

Don’t be afraid to try new layouts and new things inside your Bullet Journal!

Do you have an April Bullet Journal layout that you would like to show me!? Be sure to share a photo in the comments below.

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