August Bullet Journal Plan With Me – Starry Night Theme

August Bullet Journal Plan With Me in Scribbles That Matter Notebook

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Another month of 2020 has come and gone, and it is time to start planning and creating my August Bullet Journal layouts!

August feels a little bit bittersweet for me. Where I live, it is the last full month of summer. But I am determined to have a good month, despite the fact that summer is coming to an end!

This month, I opted for a gold and white theme, and I am obsessed with how it turned out! I personally find this colour combination to be so elegant and classy. It makes me feel productive just looking at it.

I hope you love this month’s layouts! Let’s take a look!

The Style & Decoration of my August Bullet Journal Layouts

The Colours

If you have seen my July layouts, you would know that the layouts were extremely bright and colourful, and I was obsessed with these layouts! The colours all worked so well together! (If you haven’t seen my July layouts, go here!)

So for my August Bullet Journal layouts, I really wanted to switch it up and go for a more modest look. I ended up choosing to use a couple of gold pens with some white highlights throughout. I love the result!

The Theme

This month, I wanted my layouts to have a vibe. A vibe that was truly inspiring.

I ended up basing my entire theme around a quote that I found on Pinterest: “Go Where The Stars Take You”. I think this saying is so peaceful, and it went well with my want for a really modest look. You will see this quote on my August cover page below!

The Doodles

To go with my quote, I used a copper/gold colour from my Sakura Gelly Roll Metallic Pen set and drew out a whole bunch of little stars! I think this turned out really pretty.

There is something about drawing stars on black paper. It looks so much nicer than it does on white paper.

The Headers

For my headers, I really wanted to use a big brush style pen, but I also didn’t want it to just be a solid block of colour. So, I took my white gel pen on top of the gold colour, and anywhere there would have been a down stroke, I drew a thin white line. I think this look turned out so pretty, and I will definitely be doing it again!

Let’s take a look at the August Bullet Journal layouts now!

August Cover Page

August Bullet Journal cover image for my 2020 Bullet Journal features a gold and white colour combination with starts, a motivating quote, and a mini calendar.

For my August cover page, I wanted to ensure I could include the quote that inspired my entire layout collection for August. To break up the page, I put the header at the top of the page with the quote at the bottom.

I also opted to include a mini calendar on my cover page. I did this in the month of July, and I actually found myself referring to it quite often, so I thought I might find it helpful again this month.

Monthly cover pages are not something I have always done in the past. However, it is something I see a lot on Instagram, and it was something that I wanted to try. The cover page kind of reminds me of chapters in a book. By creating the cover page, I feel like I am closing a chapter on the previous month, and opening a new chapter with a new month. If you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend you do at least once!

August Monthly Layout

For my Monthly August Bullet Journal layout, I opted to use my dashboard style layout that focuses on productivity and accomplishing goals.

I actually went back and forth on this layout a lot this month. For the past several months, I have been creating a very traditional, calendar style layout. And while that has been nice, I was keen to go back to my old productivity style layout to see if it still works as well for me as it used to!

If you want to grab my free guide to creating a productivity focused monthly layout, go here!

I did modify the layout a little bit, but overall, it is very similar. I will plan all of my important dates and events down the left hand side. Everything else like my monthly routines, goals, etc., will all go on the right side.

A Short Note On The Monthly Routines

This is something new that I started doing in May, and I am loving it!

Each month is so different for me. We wake up at different times depending on my husbands work schedule, which depends on the daylight. Our meal times also get adjusted accordingly.

Evaluating my routine each month, and having the opportunity to be mindful of it has made me so much more accountable to actually follow the routine. I highly suggest you give it a try!

August Vision Board

For my August Bullet Journal vision board, I will be planning my dreams, bucket list activities, and goals for August!

I created my first vision board back in May, and I was really skeptical if it would actually work.

While I don’t know if I am ever able to accomplish even half of what I write down on that layout, I love how much it has been inspiring me each month! I find myself flipping to it often when I am planning in my journal, and it always inspires me to do something!

I would not say this layout makes me more productive, but I think motivation is just as important. Keeping your mood and spirits high are an essential part of in turn being productive, so I plan on leaving this layout in my month’s layouts, at least for now!

This month, I am going to add a summer bucket list to the layout to celebrate the last month of summer!

If you do decide to do monthly vision board’s, I would recommend trying to do something a little bit unique each month if you can to keep it exciting and fresh!

August Goal Planning

If you love planning your goals, you should always include a goal layout in your monthly layouts!

The idea behind this layout is to do one small task each day that will help you work towards achieving your goals. I love the idea behind it, but since it is a new layout, I am playing around with the practicality of it.

I definitely learned a few things with my similar layouts last month, but I am determined to keep modifying them to make them work.

If you would like to try this layout, write out 31 short 15 minute things you can do each day! Then, simply list them out.
Last month, I even ended up including checkboxes beside each day so that I could check off the days that I did the thing.

Final Thoughts

I hope that you loved my August Bullet Journal layouts as much as I did!

I actually wanted to include more layouts this month, but I am at the end of this notebook and didn’t have enough room. There will definitely be a lot more layouts in September once I am in my new journal, so stay tuned for that!

And since we are on the topic, I am so excited to share that I will be using the same, black paper Bullet Journal notebook again for the rest of 2020. This is my favourite Bullet Journal notebook ever. I can’t imagine liking anything more, so I am going to continue on with this style.

If you are curious about using a notebook with black paper yourself, check out my blog post with my top 5 tips for creating Bullet Journal layouts on black paper here!

That’s it for this month! I would love to see your August layouts too! Share a photo in the comments section below!


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