9 Bullet Journal Holiday Planning Layouts to help you get organized for the Christmas season!

How To Get Ready For The Holidays In Your Bullet Journal – 9 Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

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Do you love the holidays!? The festive activities. Spending time with friends and family. There is something completely magical about this time of year. But there is also a lot going on. It is really easy to miss stuff. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to run to the store right before an event because I forgot about the gift exchange. Or how many times I underestimated how much I needed to bake.

Have you ever considered using your Bullet Journal to plan and organize the holiday season?

This is not something I have ever personally done. However, I can only imagine the benefit of getting everything planned and organized in advance!

This year, I have set out to organize our entire holiday season in my Bullet Journal, and in this blog post, I am going to show you exactly how I am doing it!

If you want to see the layouts I will be using to organize every aspect of the holiday season, then keep on reading!

How To Get Ready For The Holidays In Your Bullet Journal

Planning for the holidays is all about knowing WHAT specifically you need to plan, and then creating layouts or collections that will help you get each of those things organized.

Think about some of the things that you could get organized! Some ideas include;
– Gift Giving
– Holiday Budget
– Decorating
– Activities
– Events
– Baking
– Holiday Dinner

Once you know what you want to plan, it’s time to create the layouts!

Recommended Supplies

If you want to create layouts similar to mine, you may find this list of supplies that I used helpful!

Sakura Pigma Micron Pens

The main pens I used were the Sakura Pigma Micron pens in an assortment of sizes.

I really like to use the 08 or the 05 for creating the layout. This would include the boxes, trackers, etc.

For my lettering, I used the 03 pen.

And when it comes time to actually plan on these layouts, I will use the 01 or 02.

The variety in tip thickness allows me to add variety to my layouts without having to use a bunch of different pens.

Get The Sakura Pigma Micron Pens On Amazon!

Zebra Mildliners

Any time I want to add highlight lines, the Zebra Mildliners are my go-to pen!

On these holiday layouts, I specifically used the red and gold highlighters. You will see these colours within the layout, but you will also notice them in the lettering!

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Tombow Brush Pens

The Tombow brush pens allowed me to add even more colour to the layouts!

*This is the exact set I purchased that has the colours I used on these layouts! 296 & 755

I used the fine tip of these brush pens to help me create the lights and to fill in some of the lettering as well.

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Miscellaneous Supplies


I am currently using a Scribbles That Matter dot grid notebook, and I absolutely love it! If you would like to learn more about these notebooks, you can check out their website here!


One of my most commonly used tools is my ruler! A ruler will help you create the boxes, charts and trackers on your layouts.

Now that you have your supplies, it is time to start creating your layouts!

Planning Your Gifts & Shopping

Perhaps one of the most time consuming parts of the holiday has to do with gift-giving. Between setting a budget for each person, planning what you are going to get them, doing the shopping and then wrapping everything, gift giving can be extremely time consuming.

Added to that, there are also gifts you don’t necessarily have to purchase. Do you want to make holiday cards? Do you want to give baked goods?

Planning all of this stuff out in advance can be really beneficial to keeping your sanity!

I personally opted to create three collections in my Bullet Journal that are all focused around gift-giving.

The Gift Guide

Get your gifts for everyone organized with this holiday Bullet Journal layout!

This layout is comprised of a table with columns to help me organize my plans.
– The first column is 5 spaces wide, and this will be where I put the name of the person.
– The second column is 16 spaces wide, and this will be where I write down their gift.
– The third column is 3 spaces wide, and this will be where I write down the budget or the cost of a specific item based on my research.
– The final column is 2 spaces wide, and I will simply add a check mark to this column once I have purchased the present.

The hope is that this layout will help me to streamline my shopping! The worst part of holiday shopping for me is wandering around not knowing what to buy.

Shopping Plan

Save time with your holiday shopping by planning it all out in advance in your Bullet Journal!

Next is the shopping plan layout! If you don’t want to waste any time with your shopping, this layout will help you organize your shopping before you even leave the house.

*Mine is called the Black Friday plan because I intend to get all of my shopping done that day! You don’t necessarily have to do this the same way!

  • Step One – Create a box for each store or website.
  • Step Two – List out the items you need to purchase under the appropriate store.
  • Step Three – For the price column, you can either write down your budget or the actual amount spent.
  • Step Four – Check off each item as you purchase them!

Hopefully this layout will help you streamline your holiday shopping even further!

Holiday Cards

Take note of everyone you want to send a holiday card to! You can even keep track of which ones have been sent.

If you love to send out holiday cards, you will really appreciate this layout as it will help you organize everything in advance!

Each box is set up for one person/family. Take note of their address and mark off once you have sent their card to them.

Setting A Holiday Budget

Between the gifts, the parties, the food, Christmas can get really expensive! Setting yourself a budget will help you come out of the holiday season on track financially!

Holiday Budget

Set yourself a holiday budget to stay on track financially! This particular Bullet Journal layout includes a budget and an expense tracker!

When creating a budget, I personally like to break it up by category. As such, this is how I have set up the layout you see here!

To create the budget table:
– The first section is 18 spaces wide. This is where you can list out your categories.
– The second section is 4 spaces wide, and this is where you can set your budget amount.
– The third section is 4 spaces wide, and this is where you can note how much was actually spent.

It’s always good to make sure that you have enough money to be able to follow your budget as well! A great way to do this is to plan out how much money you are going to set aside for holiday specific spending. Personally, I do this monthly, and I start as early as October. This is what you see at the bottom of the ‘Holiday Budget’ layout.

If you have a different method of budgeting, definitely modify this layout to suit your budget preference!

Holiday Expenses

If you want to keep an itemized list of each of your expenses, an expense tracker is a must-have layout!

To create the expense tracker layout:
– The first section is 3 spaces wide and can be used for the date of the purchase.
– The second section is 15 spaces wide and can be used as a space for a description.
– The third section is 5 spaces wide and can be used to put the purchase into one of your budgeted categories.
– The fourth section is 3 spaces wide and can be used to note the total spent.

This layout can also be a lot to look at once you start filling it in. To break it up, I have used the gold Zebra Mildliner to highlight every other line.

Planning Your Decorating

Do you love to decorate your home!? Something fun you can do is create a vision board for your holiday decorating!

Brainstorm how you want to decorate your home for the holidays this year with this Bullet Journal layout!

Whenever you are doing a vision board, I always recommend starting off with a blank canvas. That way, you can add to it freely!

What To Add To This Layout?

  • Utilize things like Pinterest, Instagram, magazines, and photos to help you find inspiration for new ways you can decorate.
  • Write down any new decorations you have been thinking about adding to your collection.
  • Plan your decorations by the rooms in your home.

This is one of those layouts that is more for fun and will really get you in the holiday spirit!

Holiday Bucket List

Do you love all the different holiday activities you can do at this time of year? Create a bucket list for yourself!

Another fun layout to create would be a holiday bucket list! Just like the previous layout, I recommend leaving the page blank so that you can add to it as you go.

Add a header to your layout and away you go!

On this layout, you could plan different festive activities you want to do, holiday movies you want to watch, things to make and more! If you want more ideas, check out this blog post: How To Create A Winter Bucket List In Your Bullet Journal. In this post, I have included 40 bucket list items for winter and the holiday season that you can steal!

Holiday Baking

Does your holiday planning include baking? This Bullet Journal holiday planning layout is perfect for getting all your baking organized ahead of time!

Who doesn’t love holiday baking!? Baking can be great if you are hosting any parties or if you want to give baked goods to some of your loved ones. Use a holiday baking layout in your Bullet Journal to get all your baking and shopping organized ahead of time!

On my layout, you will see that I have included a section for what I want to make, the recipe source, and a full shopping list section. By organizing it this way, I can batch all of my shopping and baking together!

You could take this layout one step further and plan out:

  • what days you are going to bake
  • who you are going to give baked goods to
  • what supplies you need to create baked goods baskets

Holiday Dinner Planning

If you are hosting a dinner for Christmas, this will be one the biggest things to plan! Use this Bullet Journal layout to plan your entire holiday dinner!

Last but not least, it is important to plan a holiday dinner if you are hosting one! There is a lot that goes into preparing those meals, and if you can get yourself organized ahead of time, you will thank yourself.

Here are some things you might consider planning if you are preparing a large meal.

  • What appetizers are you going to serve?
  • Can you prepare any of these in advance?
  • What is the main dish going to be?
  • What sides are you going to include?
  • Is anyone bringing any dishes?
  • What dessert can you prepare in advance?
  • Do you have enough dishes for everyone to use?

On the layout I created, I organized everything by appetizers, main course, sides and dessert. I also have included a space for ‘time’. This section will allow me to plan what time I am going to cook each individual item on the day!

Holiday Planning In Your Bullet Journal Tips & Tricks

The holidays are such a busy time of the year, but I am confident that you can plan a successful holiday season in your Bullet Journal using a variety of collections! Here are a couple more tips if you are creating holiday planning collections in your Bullet Journal:

  1. Keep your collections together!
    This one may seem obvious, but you will find you don’t actually use all the layouts at the same time. For example, you will likely plan your shopping and decorating before you plan your baking.
    Nonetheless, by keeping your collections grouped together, you can easily refer to each collection as you need them!
  2. Keep it simple!
    If you add too many collections, you might end up feeling overwhelmed by everything you have set out to plan. Stick to just a few things that will have the greatest impact and keep it simple.
  3. Add some festive decorations! Even if this is just using coloured pens that represent the season for you!

Now, its your turn to create your layouts! Let me know in the comments what collections you are going to use to plan and prepare for the upcoming holiday season!

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