February Bullet Journal Plan With Me

February Bullet Journal plan with me. Layouts include a monthly layout, budget pages, trackers and more!

With February just a few short days away, I realized the other day that I need to get my February monthly spreads set up! I normally get my layouts set up pretty far in advance, but it honestly just snuck up on me! So, with no time to waste, let’s get into this plan with me!

I tried a new setup in the month of January and I ended up loving it! I found it be extremely functional and did not take me a lot of time to set up initially. Since I really liked it, I decided to keep my February set up fairly similar, with just a few adjustments.

My spreads tend to lean towards a more minimalist style, but they are easy enough to dress up if you prefer colorfully decorated layouts! Use colored pens instead of black! Where I did quotes, you could add little doodles or stickers! There is even space where you could add washi tape if you like!

I have also included some February spreads from the Instagram Bullet Journal community below that I think you might like.

So, if you are ready to start planning February, then grab your Bullet Journal supplies, a blanket, and your drink of choice, and let’s get planning!

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What Supplies Did I Use This Month?

My Notebook

For a while, I was using a Discbound notebook for my Bullet Journal! However, in the fall, I picked up a Leuchtturm 1917 A5 dot grid notebook on a whim. I wanted to try it out to see what all the fuss was about! Expecting to hate it, I did a pen test on the last page of the notebook, and I fell in love! For right now, I am really enjoying my Leuchtturm and will consider returning to my Discbound setup once this notebook is full. Or maybe, I will test an entirely different notebook!


This has got to be a record. I only used three pens in total this month! Crazy, I know!

My main pen was the Sakura Pigma Micron Pen in the size 05. This is a little bit bigger than I normally go, but I decided I wanted the text on my layouts to pop! So, I went big! It worked out perfectly!

I also used a Sakura Pigma Brush Pen, BR. I used this for most of my layout headers!

Finally, I used a Zebra Mildliner in the color Gray. The only place this was actually used was on my Cleaning Tracker.


I used a ruler on a couple of different spreads this month! If you like nice, clean straight lines, then a ruler is a must!

Bullet Journal Stencils

Stencils are one of my favorite supplies to use! I know there are some people who don’t like how flimsy they are. I personally just find them so convenient for drawing out the boxes or numbers on my spread. They save me so much time, and they are not too expensive! This is why I recommend everyone tries them at least once! They can potentially save you a lot of headaches.

Now, let’s take a look at the layouts for February!

Monthly Layout

This month, I did a really minimalist layout, which provides a lot of function while only taking a few minutes to create!

First, I wrote out the header of my page, which in this case is February.

Next, I wrote out the days of the month vertically along the edge of the page, which took up 28 rows.

Next, I used my ruler to divide my page in half. One side will be used for all of my personal events such as birthdays or any appointments I need to attend. The other side of the page will be used for my blogging business. This is where I plan out my content for the month. Of course, you may not have a blogging business, but there are so many ways you can use the other half of this page!

  1. Record your work schedule.
  2. Sit down with your significant other, and note down anything important on their schedule.
  3. If you have kids, you could record their play dates, or any appointments you need to take them to.
  4. Track when all your school projects are due, or any meetings you have setup with your professor.
  5. Plan out your workouts for the month. What days are you going to the gym? What area of your body are you focusing on each day?
  6. Plan out your meals for an entire month. This could save you a lot of time if you are too busy on the weekends to meal plan every week.

Finally, I added a mini-calendar at the top of the page to provide a snapshot of the month!

Minimalist February monthly layout.

February Goals Layout

This month, I decided I wanted a whole page dedicated to my goals. I actually plan out all of my goals at the start of the new year, and then I add the mini-goals to a variety of my other spreads. To see how I do this, check out my post, The Ultimate Guide To Setting Goals In Your Bullet Journal.

I like to utilize action plans to help me define what actions I need to take to accomplish my goals. This month, I took the mini-goals I want to accomplish in February, and placed them right beside my monthly spread!

I used my 05 pens to create a basic cursive header and my stencils for the numbered list! Beside each number, I wrote out the mini-goals, which are specific, and have timelines attached to them. Below each mini-goal, I created Bullet Point lists of the tasks I need to accomplish to achieve the mini-goal.

February Goals Layout

Habit Tracker

Trackers definitely aren’t for everyone, but I find them extremely useful to hold me accountable to my daily routine and goals that I have set.

I created my layout sideways again this month, as I like being able to set up my tracker horizontally, plus, there just isn’t enough room on the page if the notebook isn’t turned sideways.

I created my header with my Sakura brush pen, which was actually my first time using this brush pen! I am still learning brush lettering, but I think it came out okay considering! I definitely intend to practice my brush lettering a lot more!

Next, I wrote out the days of the month a couple of grid spaces below the header. For this step, I would highly suggest starting at the end of the month and working your way back towards the first day of the month. This way, you can ensure you have enough room!

Next, I wrote out what habits I plan to track in February along the left-hand side of the page.

Using a ruler, I created the outline of the grid but left it open on the opposite edge and bottom of the grid. I think this actually gives it a little more character!

There was quite a bit of empty space along the bottom, so I found a cute quote on Pinterest and added it using a basic cursive lettering style.

Finally, and this step is completely optional as it is very time consuming, I took my 05 Sakura pen and holding it straight up and down, I dotted all of the dots on the page. This helps them to stand out, and makes it a little bit easier to fill the tracker in!

February Habit Tracker


If you like to track your finances every month, then I would highly recommend you set up a budget spread in your Bullet Journal.

My setup this month was extremely simple but will provide me all of the information I need on one page.

Using the Sakura brush pen, I created my layout header. Just below that, I wrote out “Total Income”. I will add up my husband’s income with my income at the end of the month to see how much we brought in.

Along the left side of the page, I listed out our expenses. At the end of the month, I will calculate how much we spent on each expense.

Along the right side of the page, I used the stencils to create five boxes. Each box represents a week, which is where I will record how much money is spent each week throughout the month.

One of our big financial goals this year is to pay down our credit card debt! When we got married, we condensed all of our debt, and now it is our goal to pay that down! Using the same stencil, I drew out two more boxes. Here I will record how much extra money we were able to put to the credit card in addition to our automatic payment.

There was some room left at the bottom of the page, so I wrote out the same reflection questions I wrote out on my January budget spread. Brad and I will sit down together at the end of the month, and look at the numbers, answer our questions, and then reflect together where we can improve the next month.

February Budget Layout

Cleaning Tracker

The final layout of my February Bullet Journal setup is a cleaning tracker. I just started doing this in January, and I am so impressed with the results!

There was something about seeing that tracker each day, and being able to see the last time I did something. It really kicked my butt into gear to step away from whatever it is I am doing, and spend a little bit of time cleaning.

It also helped me delegate some tasks to my husband. Whenever he had time to lend a hand, I could flip open to that spread, see what needed to be done, and ask him to go do that!

This setup is the exact same as the Habit Tracker above. The only difference is, I had to use two pages instead of one. Since we live in a house, there is quite a bit to clean, and I like to break it down by room. I also used the grey Zebra Mildliner to highlight each room. This provides a little bit of separation on the tracker!

February Highlights

Since I don’t decorate my spreads that much, I wanted to provide you some inspiration on some really simple decorations you can add to your own February Monthly setup!

All of this inspiration comes from the amazing Bullet Journal community on Instagram! There is so much incredible talent. If you are looking for inspiration on Instagram, I highly suggest searching under these hashtags;




Let’s take a look at some of my favorite February 2019 spreads!

Vanessa from @andantestudies created this really cute monthly overview layout! I especially love the hearts hanging off the strings along the top of the page.

Claire from @coastisclaire_ set up this really cute monthly calendar spread. She uses different shades of pink, washi tape, and some cute doodles to dress up this layout!

I love the headers and constellations on these spreads from Kelly @bujo.with.k.

Victoria from @yay.bujo.ing created this really sweet February cover page. My favorite part is the bouquet of roses!

Bethany from @bebe.bujo has so many cute February layouts this year! I couldn’t pick just one, so I included her Mood Tracker and Favorites spread!

Gabriella from @linesbylagace created this really cute monthly layout! My favorite part is definitely her use of light pink large dates in each box that she will write on top of! It will look really cute once it is all filled in!

That is all for this post! Have you set up your February Bullet Journal spreads yet? If not, I hope you found some inspiration in these layouts!

If you would like to have your Instagram account featured, please email me at [email protected]

Until next time!

In this plan with me Bullet Journal post, we will set up our February layouts. Find minimalist layout inspiration, as well as some moderately decorated layout inspiration!
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