Add some decoration to your layouts this winter with these cute and simple snowflake doodles!

How To Doodle Simple Snowflakes

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Today I thought it would be fun to doodle some snowflakes as winter has officially set in! Well, it has where I live anyway! I created a winter themed spread for December using these snowflake doodles, and I love how it turned out!

I wanted to keep these doodles very simple! Something I could doodle in just a couple of minutes, so that I do not find my self spending hours on the artwork, when I should be focusing on productivity.

If you want to add some simple snowflakes to your bullet journal spread designs, then read on!

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Tools to Get Started

To get started doodling basic snowflakes, all you need is a pencil, ruler and eraser! Of course, once you are ready to add them to your spreads, you may wish to include some alternate tools.

I like to add splashes of color to my spreads for decoration. I am a sucker for colorful stationary supplies!

For budget options, you could use Crayola Supertip markers, or Crayola colored pencils. You can also find some cheap colorful ballpoint pens to use like the Papermate InkJoys.

If you have a little bit of extra money to spend on supplies, I would suggest the Staedtler Fineliners, Pigma Micron Pens, or Tombow Dual Brush Pens. Gel pens can also be a fun addition to these designs! I use the Gelly Roll in white. Of course there are a lot of color options! White is just what I like to use.

This list is just the tools you will currently find on my desk!

The 2 Basic Foundations to Start With

The “8” Snowflake

This was my favorite foundation to use. Personally, I find them the most accurate to draw.

Essentially, you are drawing four lines that intersect with each other. This leaves 8 lines stemming out from the center. If you are using dot grid paper, you can use the dots as your guideline. If you are using blank, grid or lined paper, I suggest you use a ruler which is what I did. For this example, I used a 1 inch measurement.

Start with a horizontal line and mark your approximate middle point. This middle point is where you will line your next 3 lines up from. Next, add your vertical line using the same measurement as your horizontal line. The middle of your measurement should be lined up with the middle mark from your horizontal line. Congrats! You have just drawn half of the basic foundation!

Snowflake Doodle

Next, you want to create two diagonal lines in the shape of an “X” over your horizontal and vertical lines. When I am lining up my ruler, I will use the notches to determine the angle my ruler should be at. Don’t worry about making it perfect! Believe me, mine are far from perfect. Imperfection adds character.

Snowflake Doodle

You should now have a foundation that looks something like this!

Snowflake Doodle

The “6” Snowflake

This is the next foundation that you will often see in snowflake doodles. This one is a little bit harder to achieve accurate spacing between your lines, but again, don’t worry about making it perfect.

I personally like to start this foundation with my “X” shape. Now because this doodle has one less line, you will want to make your X more oblong than you did in the first drawing. But the steps are the same. I again used a 1 inch guideline, marked my middle point, and drew my other diagonal line at a similar angle, just going in the opposite direction.

Snowflake Doodle

The last step is to draw in your horizontal or vertical line. Which line you draw depends on how you made your X oblong. If you made your X oblong going up, then you would add a horizontal line. If you drew your X oblong going out to the side, then you would draw a vertical line.

Snowflake Doodle

Start Doodling Your Snowflakes!

Once you have your basic foundation, you can create all kinds of neat snowflake patterns using different doodle elements. I use dots, diamonds, hearts, and lines going in various directions. These simple elements combined create really cute doodles!

The only “rule” to doodling snowflakes is keeping everything symmetrical. What this means is if you draw something on one line, you should draw it on all the lines to create the consistent look that snowflakes are known for.

Snowflake Example No. 1

For this first example, I am going to show you my favorite design! It is very basic, but I just love how it looks!

I start by creating a half diamond shape near the center mark, between two lines. I do this all the way around the snowflake, trying to keep the size fairly consistent. This creates a “star” shape. Now you can either do that step once, but you may wish to go around the center again, making the next star shape larger.

Next I draw little tails going off each line in the two different directions, just like you would on the tail of an arrow.

Snowflake Doodle

Snowflake Example No. 2

This next example is similar to the one above. I just made a couple simple changes! When I drew the diamond shape between two lines, I added a dot to the end. I also only went around once in this doodle.

Next, I drew three tails going towards the end of each line. I finished the doodle off by drawing another dot on the end of each tail.

As you can see, the steps are similar. Adding a couple different elements leads to a completely different design and look!

Snowflake Doodle

Snowflake Example No. 3

For this example, instead of drawing a star shape around the center, I drew two large circles. Now, these circles do not need to be perfect! Don’t be afraid to bring some character into your doodles.

Next, I drew the tails off the lines going around the star.

Unlike the first two examples which were based on the “8 Foundation”, this snowflake is based on the “6 Foundation”.

Snowflake Doodle

Snowflake Example No. 4

This next snowflake is also designed off of the “6 Foundation”.

I started by drawing little diamond shapes onto the end of each tail. Next, I drew a straight line between two of the existing tails approximately half the length. I also added diamonds to the ends of these tails.

Next, I drew the cross lines off of each tail, but rather than drawing them as going away from the center, I drew them going towards the center.

Snowflake Doodle

Snowflake Example No. 5

This snowflake design is very similar to the first example I showed you. However, this time I colored in the star shape going around the center.

In all of the other doodles, I have had several rows of lines going off the tail. For this doodle, I decided to create a simple look by just drawing one row of lines from each tail. It creates a very clean and simple look that I just love.

Snowflake Doodle

Snowflake Example No. 6

For my final example, I wanted to show you guys my second favorite doodle!

I started by adding dots to the end of each tail. Then similar to what we did in Example No. 4, I drew a straight line going between two tails at about half the length. I also drew little dots on the ends of those shorter tails.

Next, I drew two rows of lines going off each tail. I just love the end result of this doodle!

Snowflake Doodle

These are just a couple of examples of things you could do! I hope this showed you that by changing up some simple doodle elements, you can create some really fun designs for these snowflakes!

These doodles may take you a couple of times to figure out, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to draw them very quickly!

For more inspiration, be sure to check out Pinterest or Instagram. There are so many cute doodle ideas over there!

If there is another doodle tutorial you would like to request, be sure to leave a comment below! Please also let me know if this tutorial was easy to follow!

Until next time!

How To Doodle Snowflakes

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    1. Hi Cindy, Thank you so much for the kind words, and the suggestion! I have never thought of doing that, but it is definitely a good idea! Something to consider since it is the perfect time of year for doodling these cute snowflakes!

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