Get your week organized with these amazing productivity and planning tips.

How To Organize Your Week Like A Boss

Are you sick and tired of feeling overwhelmed and stressed? Learning how to organize your week can be a great way to stay on top of all your tasks, keep your house and family organized, and win back some time to enjoy for yourself.

Even if you do not consider yourself a planner, or you don’t enjoy the process, there are so many benefits to planning, that you might find yourself enjoying it more and more over time. It all starts with finding the right tool for you.

Get organized for your week with these simple planning tips. Easy to implement and maintain planning routine.

What is the best tool for getting your week organized?

There are endless amounts of planners out there for you to choose from. Whether you like to plan digitally, or traditionally with pen and paper, there is a planning solution out there for you!

Unfortunately, since there are so many options, I cannot tell you exactly what will work for you. But, there are some things you could consider when deciding what planning tool you would like to try first.

  1. Do you prefer to work digitally, or with traditional pen and paper?
  2. Do you like to change things up often, or do you tend to stick to the same system once you have found what works for you?
  3. Are you a list maker?
  4. How important is customization to you?
  5. Is function more important than looks?
  6. Does creativity motivate you?
  7. Do you want your planner to be Pinterest worthy?

It is so important to spend time finding a planning tool that you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy using it, I can promise you, you won’t use it.

4 Tips on How To Organize Your Week!

While everyone’s circumstances may vary, there are four things that I personally consider to be essential in every weekly plan. From there, you can choose to add anything else to your planning routine that will be beneficial to you getting your week organized.

1.      Note important dates!

Whether you have daily sections within your planner or a box to list them out, note anything important that is taking place on a certain date. This could include;

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Appointments
  • Events
  • Meetings
  • Deadlines

By noting important dates, you can plan the rest of your week around these dates and times.

2.      Create an effective to-do list!

List out everything you must do for the upcoming week in a to-do list. From there, you can split everything up over the week, or you can leave it as one list that you check off as you go through the week.

It is also important that your to-do list is realistic. If your list has fifty hours of work on it, but you only have forty hours to devote to it, you will not be able to complete everything. Take some time to ensure you have enough time to complete your entire to-do list. Otherwise, try to find tasks that can be eliminated completely or delegated to someone else.

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3.      Take note of where you want to focus your time this week!

It is important that you find time in your schedule each week to work towards some of your goals! Looking to lose some weight? Block out some time each day to do physical activity. Trying to finish a book before your book club meets? Plan how much time you are going to devote each day to reading.

If you are not making time for yourself, you likely won’t find any. This is kind of harsh truth, but one that needs to be said. Find a special place in your planner to make note of where you want to focus some of your own personal time this week and follow through on it!

4.      Meal plan!

Alright, this one may not be very exciting, but it is so important, and you will see great results from planning out this one area of your life consistently.

I want you to take a moment and think about how much time you spent trying to decide what to make for dinner last night. What about the night before?

Living in a time where we have so many options has resulted in a lot of lost time within our days and weeks. If you spend five to ten minutes each day trying to decide what to make for dinner, that is 35-70 minutes per week. Whereas meal planning may only take you 10-15 minutes for the week.

Proper meal planning will save you time to be able to devote to other tasks, and save your energy and decision making for other areas of your life.

Developing your weekly planning routine.

The key to getting organized is staying consistent. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to plan one week and then just forget about it and magically stay organized. Our lives are rapidly changing and evolving. We have different commitments, different focuses. To stay organized, you will have to remain consistent.

This is why it is so important to find a tool that you enjoy using! If you enjoy your process, it won’t feel like a chore.

The best way to stay consistent is to develop a planning routine.

  1. Pick a day of the week where you consistently have an hour to spend with your planner.
  2. Determine what information you need to know before you plan your upcoming week/s and get that information.
  3. Remove external distractions.
  4. Prepare your favorite beverage and/or snack to have while you plan.
  5. Carve out fifteen minutes per day to check in with your planner, and update it as you see fit.

Once you have a routine, stick to it! Only change what isn’t working for you anymore.

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Remember, a plan is just a guideline to help you stay organized and on track. If something isn’t working for you, change it. If you don’t get everything accomplished, migrate the tasks to next week. Find a way to enjoy the process, and you will find yourself more organized than you have ever been!

I hope some of these tips will be useful to you in getting your weeks organized! Still struggling to stay organized? Drop a comment below and let me know where you are facing challenges. I would love to brainstorm some solutions with you!

Until next time!

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