Learn how you can utilize habit trackers to track your progress of your goals, quitting bad habits, and more!

How To Reach Your Goal With A Habits Tracker

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Whether your goal requires you to adopt new and healthy habits, or kick those bad habits to the curb, a habits tracker can help you achieve your goals, and be more productive!

What is Habits Tracker?

Habit trackers are very common, especially in the Bullet Journal community. However, they are starting to become even more popular in store-bought planners, and online printables!

Habits trackers typically are some type of graph or calendar that you fill in whenever you accomplish a certain habit for the day.

Here is an example of a basic habits tracker found in a Bullet Journal!

Great When Working Towards A Goal

Working towards goals requires focus, motivation, and perseverance! It is essential to develop new habits whenever you set out to accomplish any kind of goal!

Trying to lose weight? Your habits would be things like;

  1. Eating healthy.
  2. Doing 30 minutes of cardio.
  3. Strength training for 30 minutes.
  4. Avoiding sugar.
  5. Drinking 8 cups of water.

Trying to pay off your debt? Your habits would be things like;

  1. No spending.
  2. Avoiding the coffee shop on the way to work.
  3. Working on your side hustle/job that will get you more money to pay towards your debt.

Hopefully, you get the idea here. Your habits can help you work towards your goals, and the tracker will help you stay motivated and focused.

Keeping Your Focus

Working towards a new goal will be exciting for about a week. Maybe a month! But at some point, the excitement will wear off. And once the excitement is gone, your focus will disappear right along with it. It is just inevitable.

In order to stay focused on our goals, we must remain excited. (At least most of the time!)

There is a big sense of accomplishment in checking off the habits that you achieved each day. This sense of accomplishment will keep you excited, which will, in turn, keep you focused!

Tracking Progress

There will be days when you wake up feeling like you aren’t any closer to achieving your goals, which may leave you feeling frustrated and unmotivated.

You must remember that whenever you are working towards a new goal, you are doing new things. These new things are bound to leave you feeling uncomfortable and unsure of yourself. This will result in your brain trying to convince you that you are doing a bad job and that you should just quit!

Please don’t! A habit tracker can be the perfect solution for you!

What if you had a way to prove your brain wrong? Some way to show the progress you have made.

A habits tracker is exactly that!

A habits tracker can help you keep your mind focused on the results, and squash any negative thoughts you may be having. These trackers are very popular in the Bullet Journal community, and are even gaining popularity in the planner community.

Mindset plays a big role when trying to achieve your goals, and habits trackers will help you stay positive and optimistic!

Discover the Patterns

There will be times where you don’t accomplish everything you had hoped to accomplish in a day or days where you “fall off the wagon”. When this happens, it is easy to beat ourselves up.

However, depending on how you utilize a habit tracker, you may be able to discover certain patterns in your behavior that will help you understand your shortfalls.

Sometimes the reason we aren't accomplishing our goals is due to the deeper root cause that can be hard to identify. A habits tracker will allow you to go back and analyze your results to determine where you are having problems achieving your goal.

Sometimes the reason we aren’t accomplishing our goals is due to a deeper root cause that can be hard to identify. A habits tracker will allow you to go back and analyze your results to determine where you are having problems achieving your goals. The case study above is a great example of how our habits create a domino effect, and by being able to pinpoint the root cause of your struggles, you will be able to manage this going forward as you work towards your goals.

What Habits Should You be Tracking?

If you’ve made it this far, you are probably convinced that trying a habit tracker will help you take steps towards accomplishing your goals! But now you may be wondering, what habits you should be tracking!

This worksheet will help you answer this question!

To have the worksheet sent straight to your inbox, sign up with your email address below! You will be sent an email with the download and instructions on how to work through the worksheet! Included in this worksheet is also a list of 50+ habits that you can track to get started!

Until next time, cheers!

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