Brainstorm the different collections you might want to include in your Bullet Journal.

How to Start a Bullet Journal – The Collections

Welcome back to my How To Start A Bullet Journal Series! In this post, we are going to brainstorm what collections you want to include in your Bullet Journal! If you don’t know what the heck a Bullet Journal is, I am going to redirect you to the first post of this series, The Basics.

Collections are the different spreads or layouts you might want to create under different categories of your life. For example, you might want to create a home collection where you will create different spreads for different things regarding your home. You might include a cleaning checklist, a home maintenance routine, or a home improvement wish list. You may even plan a home improvement project! The possibilities are endless!

Collections are my favorite part of the Bullet Journal method! You can add anything to your journal that you think will benefit you in some way, shape or form. These collections are what make the Bullet Journal so customizable!

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I know that starting a Bullet Journal can be extremely overwhelming, and there is so much information! If you don’t have time to read each of these blog posts, you can grab the free downloadable guide here!

Planning Out Your Bullet Journal

Okay, I know how silly this step might seem. We are literally going to plan out the thing we are going to use to plan our day to day lives. It sounds even sillier when I say it out loud! However, I did this step before I started my Bullet Journal, and it really helped me! On top of that, I have actually read about others who did the same thing, and have also said they found it very beneficial. So I hope you will give it a try!

So what exactly are we going to plan? We are going to plan what you want to put in your Bullet Journal. One of the purposes of this system is to live a more intentional life. By being intentional about what you are putting into it, I think you are well on your way to living a more intentional lifestyle.

I do want to caution, please do not add collections to your Bullet Journal, just for the sake of adding collections. Only add the things you truly think will help you. Remember, the more collections you have, the more time consuming your Journal is. You want to be very intentional about the collections you add, as they should all be serving a specific purpose for you.

Supplies Needed

We only need a couple of basic supplies to brainstorm our collections. Start with whatever paper you want to use. I have seen people use pages in their Bullet Journal or a separate piece of loose-leaf. I found an old notebook I had in my craft room to use for my mind map. *Note: I have created a brainstorming printable that is available below. You may wish to use that!

Next, you will need some writing tools. I suggest just using any pen you have laying around your house. This does not need to be anything fancy!

It is not necessary, but you may wish to color code some of your categories. For this, I would recommend using some kind of highlighter, or marker.

Bullet Point Brainstorming List

As an avid list maker, I decided to create lists of collections I wanted to include in my Bujo. I wrote the main categories I wanted to include, and then listed the specific layouts below that with bullet points.

I have created a free Bullet List printable you may wish to use for your brainstorming! To download, just click the button below, and you will be redirected to my Dropbox link. From there, you can save it as a PDF file on your computer, or you can print it out.

Now, you might be thinking, I have no clue what to add to my Bullet Journal! Don’t worry! I have you covered! I have created a printable page with a huge list of different collection ideas! This list is just a few ideas I came up with, but hopefully, it will get you thinking, and you might even come up with some ideas of your own from it! To download, just click the image below which will redirect you to my Dropbox link. From there, you can either save it as a PDF to your computer, or you can print it out.

Bullet Journal Collection Ideas

Next, I am going to share what collections ended up on my brainstorming list!

Choosing Your Collections

Choosing Your Collection Categories

Now that you are ready to brainstorm, we can begin to fill in our sheet! Don’t overthink this part. This exercise is a fun way to decide what collections you want to include in your Bullet Journal!

If you feel stuck on what kinds of collections to use in your Bullet Journal, be sure to use the handy printable I created for you that you can download above.

I personally broke my mind map down into the following categories;

  1. Home
  2. Financial
  3. Kitchen
  4. Pet Care
  5. Self Care
  6. Health & Fitness
  7. Goals
  8. Trackers
  9. Blog
  10. Social Media

Once I had all of these collection categories written down, I began to focus on one at a time.

Collection Spread Brainstorming

This is my favorite part! Now, you get to brainstorm what kind of spreads you want to include in each collection! Remember there is no hard and fast rule on how many collections you can include in your Bullet Journal. But be sure to only include spreads that you think will be useful to you!

This is what my collections brainstorming list ended up containing;

Home; Cleaning Checklist, Maintenance Schedule, Project Planner, Home Improvement Wish List

Financial; Monthly Budget, Expense Tracker, Monthly Financial Reflection

Kitchen; Fridge/Pantry/Freezer Inventory, Meal Plan, Shopping List, Go-To Meals

Pet Care; Vet Appointments, Vaccinations, Expense Tracker

Self Care; When Was The Last Time I…?, Spa Day Routines, Brain Dump, books to Read, Podcasts

Health & Fitness; Weight Tracker, Measurement Tracker, Goals, Exercise Plan

Goals; Level 10 Life, Monthly Goal Action Plan; Action Steps

Trackers; Birth Control, Hot Tub Care, Intimacy, Water Intake, Exercise, Clean House, etc.

Blog; Blog Post Ideas, Title Prompts, Goals, Stat Trackers, Idea List, Brain Dump, Category Tracker, Blog Maintenance, Expense/Income Tracker, Post Planner/Checklist

Social Media; Stat Trackers, Pinterest Boards, Pin Schedule, Board Maintenance, Instagram Post Planner

Collections Bullet List

Next Steps

Now that you have determined what collections you want to include in your Bullet Journal, the next step is to begin creating all of them!

In the next blog post of this series, we will be creating our Key and Index!

If you have any questions, be sure to leave a comment below! I want to be sure I am able to answer as many questions as possible!

Until next time!

Find great collection ideas for your first bullet journal! Includes two free printables for brainstorming what collections to include in your Bullet Journal!

I know that starting a Bullet Journal can be extremely overwhelming, and there is so much information! If you don’t have time to read each of these blog posts, you can grab the free downloadable guide here!

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