Tired of being confined to your notebook? A discbound notebook can be the perfect combination of a Bullet Journal and flexibility.

How To Create A Discbound Bullet Journal

There are so many different notebook options that you can use for your next Bullet Journal, but have you ever considered using a discbound notebook for your Bullet Journal?

A discbound Bullet Journal combines the benefits of a traditional planner with those of a Bullet Journal. This allows for greater flexibility, as well as easy organization and customization.

You can easily make your own discbound journal using supplies that you can find in most craft stores, and it won’t take you more than 15 minutes to put together! Let’s get started!

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Why Should You Start A Discbound Bullet Journal?

A discbound notebook is a great option for a Bullet Journal, but what are the main benefits, and are there any cons to the system? I’ve compiled a list based on my experience using one. I hope this list will help you decide if a discbound Bullet Journal is for you or not.

Pro’s Of A Discbound Bullet Journal

  • Extremely customizable. You can get different cover/dividers/etc.
  • The choice in paper type is up to you. Be it watercolor paper, marker paper, lined paper, the possibilities are endless.
  • Pages can be easily removed. This is great if you no longer need a spread, or you make a mistake you just can’t live with.
  • If you get busy, you can utilize printables. Just punch the holes, and add your layouts.
  • It is possible to move pages around to where you need them most.
  • You can combine planner pages with your Bullet Journal pages. This is perfect if you like using a traditional planner, but want to start utilizing Bullet Journal collections.
  • You can add different accessories like folders and dividers.
  • The system can be easily archived.
  • You won’t have to recreate your most important collections, as you won’t ever need to migrate to a new journal (unless you want to!)
  • You can flip the cover and pages over like a traditional coil notebook!

Con’s Of A Discbound Bullet Journal

  • The rings are a bit bulky, which makes it more difficult to drop in your purse or backpack.
  • If you use a laminated cover, it may not be as sturdy.
  • The rings can get in the way of writing.

Hopefully, this has helped you determine if a Discbound Bullet Journal might be right for you. Now, let’s take a look at the supplies you will need to create your own Discbound Bullet Journal!

What Supplies Do You Need To Create Your Discbound Bullet Journal

Discbound notebooks and planners have become extremely popular, which is good news for you, as it makes it easier to find the supplies you need!

Some popular discbound brands are;

There are even more brands out there than this, but these are some of the top ones! All of these brands sell full notebooks and planners, but they also sell the accessories on their own so you can mix and match for your own style!

The Discs

There are many disc size options that also come in a wide variety of colors! There are metal discs and plastic discs. I know this can definitely seem overwhelming!

All of the discs that I have tried from the reputable brands mentioned above have been awesome, so you really can’t go wrong! Some options are;

I am currently using the Classic size Happy Planner Plastic Discs in the color rose gold! These are the same discs I have been using for two years, however, I do not put this journal in my bag very often which probably extends their life span!

The Cover

The possibilities for your covers are endless. I couldn’t possibly include them all here, but I will provide you with a couple of ideas.

If you are using one of the systems mentioned above, you can use one of their cover accessories! They all make a variety of cover options such as laminated covers, hardcovers, or even slip-on covers.

I highly recommend you get some kind of hardcover as it provides more protection for your Bullet Journal pages. They are definitely bulkier, but I would personally rather this than risk having any of my pages ruined! Happy Planner makes a great hard snap-on cover that is both pretty and sturdy. I am personally using the Black Quilted snap-on cover, and I love it!

If you are creative and would like a laminated cover, another great option is to create your own cover with some pretty scrapbook paper or card stock, and a laminator! Simply cut your page down to size, laminate it, punch the holes, and you have yourself a unique cover design!

The Paper

If you purchase a discbound punch (more on that below) then you can use any paper you want! Just cut it down to size, and punch the holes in it! This is especially great if you like to use Watercolor paper for painting in your Bujo, or even if you prefer using Printables rather than drawing everything out.

If you are using one of the notable brands mentioned above, they often sell individual packs of paper.

Create 365 sells its paper in packs. You can find lined and graph pretty easy, and sometimes, they even sell dot grid paper packs!

You can also by packs of paper for the arc system at your local staples!

Additional Accessories For Your Bullet Journal

If you want to take it a step further, there are a couple of extra supplies I would highly recommend you get for a Discbound Bullet Journal!

A Punch

If you plan on adding your own paper to your Discbound Bullet Journal, then a punch is absolutely necessary! They are a little bit costly, however, it should last a really long time. If you also plan on using basic paper, you may save money in the long run as a large 500 pack of paper could last you quite a while!

Create 365 has two discbound punches. One is for a 9 disc setup, and the other is for an 11 disc setup. I personally have the 9 disc punch from them.

A Rounded Corner Punch

I love having rounded corners on my pages. This is of course completely optional but can add a nice touch if you are used to using a more traditional notebook like the Leuchtturm 1917 A5.


Some of the brands mentioned above make really cute accessories that you can add to make your Bullet Journal more functional.

You can get things like poly zip pockets and business card holders for the Arc system.

Create 365 creates zip pockets for your pens and pretty cardstock folder pockets.

If you have a favorite brand, check out their website to see what other fun accessories they offer!


Since there are no ribbon bookmarks in a Discbound notebook, it might be nice to have some dividers. This will help you distinguish the different sections within your bullet journal.

You can buy these from the brand you have bought the rest of your supplies, or you can create your own if you have invested in a punch. Pick out some pretty cardstock from your local craft shop, cut it to size, punch the holes and now you have a pretty divider. You can create one for each section of your Bullet Journal, or divide it up into collections.

Creating Your Discbound Bullet Journal

Now that you have all of your supplies, all you need to do is put it all together! I would recommend you start by putting your covers onto your rings and then adding the paper in between.

Here I have listed the exact supplies I use for my Discbound Bullet Journal.

Rings; I am currently using the rose gold classic-sized discs from the Happy Planner. I have been using these rings for two years, and none have broken on me yet!

Cover; I use the Black Quilted snap-on cover also from Happy Planner! It provides some stability, and it makes it feel more like a hardcover leather notebook!

Paper; I use a variety of the Happy Planner filler paper which includes lined, grid and dot grid paper! I also have some of my own paper that I will cut down to size and punch with the Create 365 9 hole punch.

Please rest assured, it does not matter what brand you end up going with. They will all serve the same purpose, as long as you are happy with the outcome, as well as the price.

Once you have created your Discbound Bullet, be sure to share a photo of it in the comments below!

Until next time!

Want to create a Discbound Bullet Journal? This system provides a lot of flexibility within your system, and in this post, I show you how you can create your own!

7 thoughts on “How To Create A Discbound Bullet Journal”

    1. I agree! It is also really nice to be able to switch to the Happy Planner pages if you find yourself too busy to create all your Bullet Journal spreads! 🙂

  1. Hi, I just fell in love with a TUL notebook and some Happy Planner pages and now found your blog. ? Still figuring it all out but feel much more free because I can rearrange and have so many different kinds of paper. Not sure yet how I’ll archive, but that’s a ways off.
    I do recommend the TUL paper products. They work great with a fineliner and have a great weight and feel. Very smooth. Their grid paper is a bit too dark for me, but I bought their hole punch so I can use my own.
    Enjoying your blog!

    1. Hi Manda!
      I love that you have a discbound system that is working so well for you! The system provides so much more freedom! For archiving, I have considered adding my archived pages to another discbound notebook, and then just boxing up the pages I don’t use. I have not found a perfect system, but hopefully soon! Thank you so much for your kind words, and I hope you have an awesome day! 🙂

  2. What would be the advantages of using a disc bound system over the ring binder, like a Filofax? It seems like the rings/discs would get in the way of writing for both systems, but they seem to have the same advantages/flexibility. I’m trying to decide if I should go back to my disc bound system. Currently using a regular bound journal now and don’t like having to re-write stuff when I’m finished with one journal. Thanks.

    1. Hi Anh!
      Yes, the rings/discs do get in the way of writing! But for me, the biggest advantage is not having to re-create your layouts when you run out of space in your notebook. I would recommend trying both and using what works for you in the moment. I find myself switching back and forth between discbound and traditionally bound notebooks, just depending on my needs and current mood!

  3. To archive your pages you could use the 3” discs from Levenger. Their Circa system is the same as the others mentioned above. Another thing I saw, but don’t remember where, would be to put a small dowel through the center and hang it in a filing box or cabinet.

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