July Bullet Journal plan with me, lemon theme. Different layouts, doodles, and more!

July Bullet Journal Plan With Me – Lemon Theme

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July is one of my favourite months of the year! It really starts to feel like summer where I live. The garage sales start popping up. Lemonade stands can be found throughout the neighbourhood! It truly is my favourite time of year.

This month, I really wanted to focus on two things in my Bullet Journal:

  1. Creating layouts that really made me feel the joy of summer, even on the pages of my Bullet Journal.
  2. Creating new layouts to help me achieve my goals, and make improvements to how I am being productive through the month.

I am really excited about how these layouts turned out, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

The layouts in the photos are all blank, so I am also going to share some of my thoughts on how I plan to use the layouts so that you can easily replicate them if you seem something that you like!

Let’s dive right in!

July Bullet Journal Cover Page

July Bullet Journal cover image with a mini calendar, lemon doodles, and a nice header!

This was my first time in a very long time actually making a cover page! It is something that I always want to do, but then never end up actually doing it.

With one of my goals for these monthly layouts to incorporate the feeling of summer, I knew that I needed to incorporate some bright and colourful doodles! I landed on a lemon theme, and I used the bright neon yellow and green GellyRoll Moonlight pens. I LOVE this how this turned out!

For this layout, I opted to include a mini calendar on this page. For one, I think it is a great way to fill up some of the space. But more importantly, having the mini calendar on the cover page will make it easy for me to flip throughout the month. Often, I find myself looking at my Year At A Glance Page to determine what day’s fall on which day of the week. I hope that I will enjoy having this readily available.

I don’t plan on doing much more with this layout. It is simple, but really fun and cute! It definitely makes me excited to start planning July!

July Month At A Glance Bullet Journal Layout

July Bullet Journal Monthly Layout. This simple calendar style layout is great for planning your month at a glance! This layout also includes space for a monthly daily routine.

The next layout is my month at a glance, and I use this layout for a few different things! But before we get into the planning strategy behind this layout, lets take a closer look!

On my month at glance layouts, I find it incredibly beneficial to include the following:

  • My monthly routine – my routines are constantly changing, depending on what is going on in my life for that month. Having a dedicated space on my layouts allows me to change my daily routines as I need to. I started doing this about three month’s ago, and I have definitely benefited from doing it this way!
  • Birthdays and Important Dates – A simple list of the important dates I need to remember for the month helps to keep me organized and on track.
  • Notes – I like to include a small space for notes on this layout. I might write out different milestones or hurdles I overcame that month. I like having this space to go back and reflect.
  • Quotes – I LOVE motivational quotes. And this month’s is no exception! I love putting them on my monthly layout because I usually have leftover space for them, and this is a layout I refer to periodically throughout the month.

Onto the calendar, each box is 6 x 6 spaces for perfect squares. I also like to draw out my calendars exactly how the month is. On the top row of this month, you will see I have two boxes missing for Monday and Tuesday. That is because July 1st falls on a Wednesday, so I have left them out. This is just a design preference of mine.
To draw your calendar, space out the calendar by marking where your lines should go with a dot on the page. Then, use your ruler to draw out the calendar.

For this layout, I used my yellow, orange, light green, and dark green from my GellyRoll Moonlight pens.

Month At A Glance Planning Tips & Strategies

When the time comes to actually plan the month, I will fill the rest of this layout in by;

  1. Writing in any important dates, appointments, or any other important dates that I need to remember. Typically, I will just write this information into the space provided to the right of my calendar. I don’t like to actually clutter my calendar with this information.
  2. Setting my morning and evening routines. The mood of me entire month is highly dependent on my routines, and I really like to start this part of my planning strategy right off the get go. Dictating my routine will help me plan out my to-do lists, my goals, what days I plan to take action on certain items, etc.
  3. The calendar itself is largely reserved for my various blogging tasks including what blog posts I want to publish on what days, email newsletters, challenges, etc. Of course, if you don’t blog, you will be able to use this space for anything valuable to you. Perhaps you can plan your exercises here. Or meal plan. The possibilities are endless! Just think of anything that you might like to plan in advance.

July Vision Board

July Bullet Journal Vision Board gives you the space to brain dump everything you want to do in the month of July!

This layout is something that I just recently started doing in my Bullet Journal, and I LOVE it! I love to do brain dumps, so it is no surprise that I love doing this really. If you like to get everything out of your head and onto paper, I would highly recommend trying this out!

The top of the page is just a simple title, and then you will see all of my little lemon doodles scattered around the page, kind of creating a border. (This was unintentional, but I like how it turned out!)

Things You Might Include On Your Own Vision Board

  • Meals I might like to try for the month
  • Movies/TV shows to watch
  • Books to read
  • Goals I want to achieve
  • Things I want to buy
  • Projects I want to start and/or finish (House, Work, Blog, Etc.)
  • Activities I want to do

Vision Boards are just a really great way to dream about the month ahead, and get all of your ideas out onto paper!

Supplies To Use On Your Vision Board

Personally, I like to keep my vision boards very simple. I usually just use my pens, and I will add in some doodles here and there. But, there are many awesome supplies you can use on your own vision board!

  • Magazine cut-out’s
  • Print’s from the web
  • Stickers
  • Quotes
  • Washi-Tape
  • Stamps
  • Craft Paper

Tip – If you are like me and just like to use pen, try referencing where you found certain things. Want to try a recipe, write down where you can find it! Want to start a project. Write down the name of your Pinterest Board where you are keeping inspirational pins.

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Monthly Goal Planning In Your Bullet Journal

Goal Planning in your Bullet Journal is a great way to take steps towards accomplishing your goals. This monthly goal planning layout in my July Bullet Journal is a great way to plan one goal action per day.

As an avid goal setter, I am always creating new layouts that I can use to help me work towards my various goals, and this month is no exception!

I decided to create a dashboard style layout that includes each day of the month. The challenge is to assign yourself one task to accomplish each day that will get you one step closer to your goal!

Let’s take a quick look at the layout before we dive into the planning tips.

As you can see, this layout is very simple. I again used the same GellyRoll Moonlight pens in the same colors as my other layouts. I also did very similar small doodles on each page. This layout is very simple, and this is because I want this layout to be very practical, and something I can use very tactically to help me work towards my goals.

How To Use The Goal Planning Layout

Again, this layout is brand new to me, so I am just giving you the same tips that I will personally be using when I fill in this layout myself.

I have created two layouts so that I can focus on two goals. The plan is to do one small action item each day that will get me one step closer to my desired results, so there isn’t a lot of room to write on each day. That is okay! Again, I want this to be very actionable, yet achievable.

On a separate sheet of paper, I am going to write down each of the various tasks I need to accomplish in order to achieve my goals. I am then going to break these tasks up into bite-sized tasks that I can easily accomplish in an hour or less.

Once I have a minimum of 31 bite-sized tasks, I am going to fill in my dashboard layout.

If you have more than 31 tasks, roll it over to your next month to be finished!

If you can’t think of 31 bite-sized tasks, that is okay! Leave yourself rest days in between, or break your goals up into 15 days instead of 30/31.

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Do you want to see videos of me actually planning on these layouts? Be sure to join my FREE Facebook Group, Bujo With Intent here! We talk about all things intentional planning, and using your Bullet Journal to achieve your goals and productivity aspirations!

Other Lemon Themed Layouts

Before we wrap this up, I wanted to share some other lemon themed layouts for your own inspiration! There are SO many cute lemon layouts that can be found on Instagram, but I have narrowed it down to my top 5!

@rox.the.planoholic has some really cute lemon themed layouts on her instagram page! Click here to check them out!

@studiewithdavie did a really cute lemon themed habit tracker! If you want to see more, click here!

@pcy.bujo did a really cute lemon theme for the month of June! Check all all the other really cute layouts here! P.S – I LOVE the expense tracker layout!

@hannahs.bulletjournal did such a cute monthly layout, and her lemon doodles are so cute! Check out her account here!

@gg.artcorner went all out on this layout! But it is so cute! This layout includes a habit tracker, goals, and more! Check out the account here!

Happy July planning, and I will talk to you soon!

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